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“Science is not only a disciple of reason, but also one of romance and passion”
Stephen Hawking

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Science Tours

Our tours are essentially tailor made for each group, but we have given an example of our most popular Science-based tour. Please remember, however, that we are happy to organise tours to any location in the U.K. & Europe. More than this we are happy to research any new tour and produce a detailed suggested itinerary for your consideration.
Often we combine subject interests: Science & Language, Science & Art, Science and History etc.
Please contact me so that one we can discuss your requirements and prepare a tailor made itinerary for your consideration.

Example Of A Five Day Science Based Tour To France.


Depart School and transfer to Boulogne via Dover-Calais ferry.

The Nausicaa Sealife Centre – Boulogne sur Mer, France.

Situated only 35 minutes from Calais by coach, Nausicaa is almost perfectly situated on the coast. It offers a ‘marriage made in Heaven’ with ice creams/ activities by the seaside and fascinating and enjoyable subject work in Nausicaa.
It offers an excellent location for a day visit and a foundation for a longer residential stay.

At Nausicaa students will learn about the different facets of the sea. For example:

Understanding the importance of preservation.

As you walk through a large glass tunnel you will fell as though you are walking through the sea. You are in the middle of the sea lion basin and they will swim round and below you. The basin is based on a Californian reserve where sealions threatened with extinction are protected.

Diversity in life.

In life’s fragile balance each species depends on another and the destruction of one link has an effect on this chain. Nausicaa’s exhibition illustrates locations where different species are protected, such as the French underwater reserve in Port-Cros in the Mediterranean.

‘Everything goes into the Sea.’

Texts and videos illustrate how commonplace activities in our daily lives have a direct effect on the health of the oceans and will explain how the wealth of the sea can be managed.

A tour of the Tropics.

Here the sea is warm and transparent. Nausicaa presents a lagoon bounded by a beach and a mangrove. Students will see the swarming marine life, fish, shellfish, reptiles, birds and insects.

It tells of the destruction visited by 600 million tourists and the threat posed to fragile ecosystems

The Open Sea.

The environment of the Open Sea is illustrated schools of fish and sharks.

The Bird Observatory.

Tropical birds, belonging to the finch family can be observed at close quarters, chasing insects and building their nests.

The Coral Reefs.

The keepers of Nausicaa have succeeded in developing a technique called ‘propogation of cuttings’ to show visitors one of the largest coral reefs ever cultivated.

‘Thousands of species + man.’

The ever increasing development of human settlements close to the coast, with marinas, floating airports and floating hotels is illustrated as is man’s extraction of mineral wealth through offshore petrol platforms.

‘We all have our tricks.

Nausicaa illustrates how each species is able to adapt to its environment, offering examples of the thousands of ways in which they move, eat and feel.

Nausicaa’s marine ecosystem echoes life in the sea.

A basin five metre deep illustrates life in the cold waters of the Californian Coast, with some of the 800 species including leopard sharks.

The Touch Tank.

One of the most popular areas of the sealife centre allows visitors to touch flat fish, cod and dogfish as they glide by.

The New Environment-Friendly HouseA new feature of Nausicaa this shows how important it is control our consumption, our attitudes and habits in the house, in the street and in the garden.

  • Supper in the Casino Restaurant, Boulogne.
  • Onward transfer to Paris.

We have a wide range of two and three star hotels near Paris and in the City Centre.

For those who would like to include a visit to the Disney Theme Park, we use excellent accommodation, ten minutes from the park and with easy access to Central Paris.


Visit the City of Sciences in Paris

One of the world’s largest and most visited science museums, La Cite des Sciences et
De l’Industrie is an impressive modern site in North East Paris. There is a great hall for shows and exhibitions. These include:

The Explora, where you can pilot an aeroplane, step inside a camera, travel throughout the human body and visit the Ariane rocket.

The Argonaute – a submarine.

The Geode, one of the Worlds largest geodesic domes and the Omnimax theatre equipped with 1 1000 square metre screen.
The planetarium.

The Cinaxe, a simulator outfitted with the same equipment as used to train pilots and train engineers.

Numerous science exhibitions for pupils and adults abound in the Museum.

We balance science with tourism and during the afternoon will include an introduction to Paris, with a cruise on the River Seine and an ascent of the Eiffel Tower.

Supper in Paris.


We also try to balance visits of the greatest interest with recreation and day three includes a day visit to Disneyland Paris. The entertainment value of this visit is obvious, but in addition, we will allocate time for the scientific background on which the successful running of the theme park depends.

During the later afternoon, after a meal in the park, we will transfer to Poitiers, some 200 miles South.

Evening accommodation in the Futuroscope Science Park.


A day-long visit to Futuroscope
Futuroscope is the greatest science-based theme park in the world. It offers a huge range of shows and events:

  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Digital City.
  • Peril of Akryls.
  • The Young black Stallion.
  • Race for Atlantis.
  • Star of the future.
  • Space Station.
  • The Wings of Courage.
  • Journey into the Dark.
  • La Gyrotour.
  • Colours of Brazil.
  • Cyberworld.
  • The Best of Dynamic Theatre.
  • Travellers by Air and Sea.
  • Destination Cosmos.
  • Dynamic Vienne.
  • Children’s World.
  • Cyber Avenue.


Return transfer.

We will include a visit en-route, and one of our favourites is the Lachelle Bakery and Chocolaterie situated in the little village of Lachelle just North of Paris.

Here participants will be shown how chocolate is made. There will be free samples and presents to buy.

Free inspection visit.

No description of ours can take the place of your own preparatory visit. We recognise this by offering free transport and entrance as well as a night’s hotel stay. The cost of this inspection visit will be taken off your final invoice.

Please remember that this is only an example/ suggested itinerary. All tours are tailor made and given information on what you require we are happy to work on an itinerary to meet your specific requirements. We can, for example, combine different subject interests and we are experienced in arranging tours throughout the U.K. Europe and the U.S.A.