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“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, it goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, it goes to his heart”
Nelson Mandela

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Modern Language Tours to France, Spain, Barcelona, Madrid

  • E3 is a market leader in accompanied educational/ study tours. The advantages of having the assistance of one of our Tour Managers are great, but you can run the visit yourself and the cost of your tour will be a little cheaper.
  • We prepare a detailed safety analysis for every tour that we organise
  • While it is very difficult to suggest an itinerary for a language based tour, we are more than happy to adapt our tours to fit in with a language teacher’s requests.
  • We recognise that each group is different: the age of the students, the extent of their language skills and the content of their language study required by individual teachers. But we feel well placed to enrich the learning value of our visits with both educational and recreational activities.
  • We cannot meet the requirements of every language based group, but we come close. We do not offer home
  • We are always happy to combine subject interests but we do not run homestay holidays or exchanges.

Some approach to Language Study Tours.
An introduction to a country.

We take students to the country whose language is being studied with a view to familiarise them with that country and to make the language more real, alive and meaningful.
Our gauge of success? Students should return to school full of enthusiasm and interest and anxious to pay a return visit.

An introduction to the country, with language activities and dairy work.

In partnership with Party Leaders, we can prepare language work designed to be fun and interesting. We can provide time for diary/ log work and the opportunity for students to collect material that they can use to build up their scrapbook/ holiday log.

You are probably familiar with the type of language activities that can be prepared. For example:

  • ‘Junior Reporter Assignments’
  • Treasure hunts.
  • Word searches.
  • Supermarket and market tasks.
  • Drama assignments etc.
  • Research projects on themes such as History, Art, the locality, retail outlets, chocolates & boulangeries etc.

In addition, we can allocate time for work on holiday logs, accounts and diaries. Alternatively, we can encourage participants to collect material to contribute to an account to be completed after the tour.

The above plus preparatory class language work.

Some Party Leaders like more formal and more intense preparatory work as part of a programme of excursions and language practice.
We can facilitate this approach through the provision of conference rooms and audio-visual facilities. We can also arrange for native speakers to attend and to work with students on a group, sub-group or even individual basis.

Please note that our essentially flexible approach enables us to offer tours designed to include excursions to illustrate more than one subject:

*Language & Art Language & History Language & R.E. for example
As you will appreciate, there is a lot to establish prior to your tour and careful initial preparation is one of the keys to success.

 Popular tours include:

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